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Based in London, the heart of the Global real estate investment market, Blue Ocean Homes has over 25 years experience in building new homes for our clients. The luxurious homes we build are specifically designed to harmonize with the scenic beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Today, Blue Ocean has very successfully completed many small to medium size projects. We together with our constructions partners, are committed to delivering value for money by ensuring a trouble free living for many years to come into our new homes, as well as growing into the most capable and fastest growing industry in the world. As we look back with pride on the successful completion of our various projects, we keenly remain focused and well aware of the challenges and accomplishments to come, will further define the fundamental character of our company. We eagerly look forward to building that future, as we continue to challenge ourselves to become and remain the very best in our business.

Blue Ocean Homes is committed to excellence in all what we do. We strongly believe that on time delivery and sale of the project is the main key to our success. We are passionately involved in the process of home building from its design, inception to its completion and making sure that the new owners are perfectly happy

Our real estate investor expertise includes the following:

  • investment transactions on prime London and UK real estate.
  • Services to High and Ultra High Net Worth individuals and their families.
  • Family Offices £2,000,000 to £20,000,000
  • Multi Family Offices. £20,000,000 and above
  • Sovereign Wealth entities.
  • UK wide asset and portfolio management.
  • Real estate fund acquisition and disposal.
  • Land structure.
  • Structural investment transactions.
  • On and off-Market Property Portfolio for superior investment results.
  • Market-leading expertise in mainstream asset classes of office, retail, industrial and mixed-use property.
  • Specialist expertise in alternatives including student accommodation, hotels and leisure, holiday parks.


Providing management services across Families, requires a full understanding of the long term objectives and circumstances for the capital and the beneficiaries. We offer a specialist management service for families with £2million to £20million in capital which traditionally falls below the threshold of the multi family-office sector.

Depending on the circumstances capital can be managed within any of the following:

  • With setting up of a Family Investment Company
  • Through Family Limited Partnerships
  • Through setting up of Trusts


There are two types of family office: the single-family office (SFO) and the multi-family office (MFO). The single family office manages the financial and personal affairs of just one wealthy family. As it is entirely driven by the needs of that family, there is no standard for how one should be structured. For some, the advantage is that as the office deals entirely with their affairs it becomes a virtual extension of the family.

The MFO, on the other hand, can offer much wider experience than the SFO. Because they deal with more families – though not so many that they risk losing the personal touch – MFOs are more likely to be aware of the wider range of challenges which their clients might face. MFOs tend to be larger than SFOs and so are more likely to have their own in-house specialists and should be able to cater for all their clients’ needs, be it in wealth management; real estate; education; or any other challenge which may arise. There is no off the shelf family office solution, requirements vary from family to family and we provide tailor made solutions by listening to the needs of our clients.


We have a number of Family Offices and We work on specific mandates to search for assets that our clients look for on a medium to long term basis. Investment by some of our large family office is anything from 12 to 36 months with minimum Investment sum negotiable between all parties.


At Blue Ocean Homes, we generally operate on a deal-by-deal basis with the maximum involvement and discretion of our clients. We have a large number of institutional partners that provide debt and equity across our range of products and specific partners that support narrower strategies and product niches. Our investor relationship is truly global providing huge flexibility to funding our deals and future growth.


Blue Ocean Homes, the property arm of Amari group of companies specializes in sourcing residential development land focused on creating great places where people want to live. Recognizing the current need to accelerate house building in the United Kingdom, Blue ocean homes works in partnership with both landowners and house builders to deliver the finance and infrastructure requirements on a medium to large development sites. The management team at Blue ocean homes has over 25 years experience in the building, financing of residential developments, structuring of land purchase agreements, and the practical delivery of ready-to-build development sites. We believe that this integrated and streamlined approach is mutually beneficial to all stakeholders involved in bringing forward the development of any scale sites. For further information on our Land requirements, please contact us on or visit:


We work with several medium to large Global Private Equity and Hedge Fund firms who have the necessary capital to deploy and in need of an experienced property investor to target specific strategies and opportunities to maximize benefit and project profitability.

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